I Might be a Glutton


I might be a glutton.

Not words you might expect to come from a guy who is 6 foot 135 lbs. Read more »


Messy Prayer Journal?

I have tried countless times to try to organize my prayer journal to better keep track of requests. I have tried organizing it by: topics, days of the week, importance, and immediacy of event. Yet, no matter what I try, I get disorganized and end up starting over with a blank journal.

I have found a new and foolproof way to organize my journal. I never lose any requests and it is very simple to set up… What is this system I use?

I don’t organize it at all. Read more »

Just Listening to a Podcast…

Here’s 3 reasons why you should think about subscribing to a few podcasts. Read more »

Ministry. . . Everyday


I think the term “ministry” has an incorrect aura about it.

It is not just something you do on Sundays, nor is it solely an organized group activity.

A ministry is something that a believer can do in order to support and encourage other believers. So yes, stacking chairs every Sunday is a great ministry, but if the only time we are supporting other believers is on Sunday, then we

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The weight of our sin

In order to really even begin to understand the grace that God showed on the cross we must understand that the physical tortures, although brutal, were was not the primary source of pain that Jesus felt on the cross. What He did spiritually might have made the physical torture look “easy” in comparison. Read more »

The Greatest Prayer Tool

I believe that the best tool to improve your prayer life is simply a physical prayer journal. Here are some practical reasons why using a prayer journal is a great idea.

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11 Reasons I Wear Ugly Sweaters


    1.       They are comfy

These sweaters are not attractive because of their cool, hip, or sleek design. I buy them because they are loose and soft.

   2.       I think it’s fun Read more »

Being God’s friend


John. 15:14 “Ye are my friends if ye do whatsoever I command you”  — Jesus

I think we all know someone who thinks that they are big stuff because they have “friends in high places.” Realistically those earthly “friends in high places” are nothing when you realize that you can call the Creator and Director of this universe your friend.

However, I think John 15:14 is often misunderstood and I hope that after Read more »

Pray With Expectations


We don’t pray enough.

This is a common issue among Christians, but why?

I submit that it is a lack of faith. Sure we think that God will work in all the normal ways (traveling safety, providing food, healing broken bones ect.) but do we trust God with everything? Our lack of faith is clearly shown when we are repeatedly shocked when God answers our payers.

How can we have more faith?

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Leadership Lessons from Noah


Have you ever found yourself wanted to make a an impact on the world for God, but become discouraged when you’re not sure your the right “type” of person?  When we assume that a certain style of leadership is required to change the world, we are wrong. In Genesis 6 and 7 I find a man who smashes the mold of what  we consider “normal” leaders. Read more »