Leadership Lessons from Noah


Have you ever found yourself wanted to make a an impact on the world for God, but become discouraged when you’re not sure your the right “type” of person?  When we assume that a certain style of leadership is required to change the world, we are wrong. In Genesis 6 and 7 I find a man who smashes the mold of what  we consider “normal” leaders.

In Sunday Schools all over America, Noah is considered a model whom we should aspire to be like. Noah became a leader without the charisma, influence, and persuasion that we have become accustom to in today’s world. Noah’s road to leadership is the same road we can take if we understand how he got there.

1. Noah was not a great leader in his day

A leader is someone who has influence over other people. While he must have had influence over his wife and kids, he was not able to convince a single other soul to climb on the ark. Obviously it must not take a person with a following to change the world.

2. Noah took a stand. . . Alone

This is where we begin to understand Noah’s leadership style. It was not his influence in life that makes him a leader today, rather it was his life that influences us.

3. Noah is a great leader today

It’s amazing how someone who was so alone in life would have so many people look up to him after his death. Noah worried more about doing what was right than the impact he was making by doing so.

Applications for today

It doesn’t necessarily require leadership skills to make a difference, but by making a difference you become a leader.


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