Pray With Expectations


We don’t pray enough.

This is a common issue among Christians, but why?

I submit that it is a lack of faith. Sure we think that God will work in all the normal ways (traveling safety, providing food, healing broken bones ect.) but do we trust God with everything? Our lack of faith is clearly shown when we are repeatedly shocked when God answers our payers.

How can we have more faith?

This is where we begin a cyclical journey of faith. In order to have more faith we must pray.

. . and look for answers. When you see God answer your prayers, your faith is renewed because we realize that God is alive and with us! Some might say, “But this requires faith!”

It takes some to make some.

Have you ever heard the phrase, “it takes money to make money”?  This is the same principle with faith in our prayers. It requires a small “down payment” of faith, but them our investment grows. When our faith grows, so does our prayer list. As the requests grow the answers will also increase. This will snowball our prayer life into more of what we want it to be.

What can I do?

I would suggest that most of the time, God answers our prayers and we don’t see it simply because we forgot that we prayed about it. So the best way to keep track of your requests and answers is to use a prayer journal. Simply put write down things that you pray for in any organizational style you want and then periodically look at it and see what God has done that you haven’t even  realized.

Take a second and share a prayer request that you didn’t think God would answer but He did, no matter how big or small!


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