11 Reasons I Wear Ugly Sweaters


    1.       They are comfy

These sweaters are not attractive because of their cool, hip, or sleek design. I buy them because they are loose and soft.

   2.       I think it’s fun

   3.       It’s fun to see people’s reactions

My favorite is when people laugh at me and then try to cover it up with various excuses.

4.       They are cheap

All of my ugly sweaters where bought for under 2$

5.       They are warm

6.       New style

I swear… they will be all the rage in 15 years.

7.       No pressure

Because it’s such a new style there is no pressure to try to live up with the strict style code of the day.

8.       I can have a bad hair day

It’s amazing! If I wear an ugly sweater on a day when my hair is a mess… no one mentions my hair…

9.       Conversation piece

I have actually had opportunities to meet people because they think my sweaters are funny.

 10.   Not worried about ruining them

Occasionally clothes get ripped, stretched or stained which is usually very upsetting to the owner. But with ugly sweaters I don’t really care I get a ketchup stain on it, because… they’re ugly anyways and I can always get another.

11. Cause Bill Cosby did it!!


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