The Greatest Prayer Tool

I believe that the best tool to improve your prayer life is simply a physical prayer journal. Here are some practical reasons why using a prayer journal is a great idea.

1.          You don’t forget requests

This is obvious. When requests are not written down we tend to forget all of them. And then we wonder why we can’t pray for more than 5 minutes…

2.         You don’t forget answers to prayer

This is huge. We don’t pray enough because we don’t realize how often God works through our prayers. By having a list of crossed out prayer requests it encourages you by helping you realize how real God is.

3.       Curiosity of the outcomes on the list causes you to check up on people

Day after day of seeing the same request almost makes me sick of it. I get edgy and anticipate the day when I get to cross it off. For this reason I will end up constantly going up to people and ask them how their request is doing. I’m guessing the same will happen to you.

4.       Your prayer list grows not changes

People seem to always get into the habit of praying for the most current big request. We tend to forget about a passing request for a friends salvation while we solely remember the hurricane Sandy mess. When requests are written down big requests will get added to the list instead of replacing other ones that we forget.

5.      It reminds you to pray

When I’m reaching through my backpack to get a book, I tend to see my prayer journal and remember a few of the things written inside. It’s easy give a quick prayer and continue my task without forgetting to pray for things.


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