The weight of our sin

In order to really even begin to understand the grace that God showed on the cross we must understand that the physical tortures, although brutal, were was not the primary source of pain that Jesus felt on the cross. What He did spiritually might have made the physical torture look “easy” in comparison.

In Isaiah 53:6b it says “And hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all.” The grace God shows in this statement is unfathomable, yet we treat it as a mere detain amongst the other pains that Jesus went through on the cross.

Have you ever tried to imagine the weight of sin that Jesus felt? Think about it… I hate being a sinner. I hate that feeling that I sinned and chose my feelings and what I want over what God wants for me. If I hate my own sin that much, imagine what it is like to bear the sins of others.

Think about bearing the sins of your best friend,

the sins of your family,

your church,

your town.

Now imagine Jesus bearing all the sins of every person that walked this earth.

Every murder… every rape… every theft… and every single lie.

He bore all that for you.

My God is awesome!!

If we realized the extent of Christ’s sacrifice for us than maybe:

  • We might not stoically pray “thank You for this day, thank You for dying on the cross for me.”
  • We might not think so highly of ourselves.
  • We might not ever believe for a second that God is not good, that He doesn’t want what’s best for you.

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  1. June Dussault on

    Very true, Matt. Very convicting. Very well written.

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