Ministry. . . Everyday


I think the term “ministry” has an incorrect aura about it.

It is not just something you do on Sundays, nor is it solely an organized group activity.

A ministry is something that a believer can do in order to support and encourage other believers. So yes, stacking chairs every Sunday is a great ministry, but if the only time we are supporting other believers is on Sunday, then we

are only accomplishing 1/7th of the plan that Jesus has for our talents. Stop and take a second to figure out a ministry you can get involved in everyday!

Ministry defined

The word ministry has its roots in the word “service.” Anything that is a service or a help to others is a ministry.

Gifts realized

Write down anything that you can use to sacrifice to serve others. Sometimes you will be able to allow your skills to be used. If you can fix cars or cut hair, than use it to serve your brethren in Christ. More commonly on can sacrifice their time. It doesn’t take any special skill to write a missionary an encouraging letter (They won’t critique your grammar even if it stinks.)

Creativity employed


Now that you have accounted for all your gifts, you should begin to brainstorm ways in which you can use them daily. Just because you have spare time it doesn’t mean you need to do the cliché ministry of cleaning if there are enough people doing that already. I’ve heard of ladies making pies for sick people for her ministry. There are so many things that you can do. Find a need in your church body use your creativity to discover a way to fill that need.

Time demands acknowledged


                These skills are not just to be used on Sunday. If we only serve others with our gifts on Sunday then we are wasting the other 6 days!  Our new found ministry needs to be something that will uplift the believers around us on a daily basis.

I hope this has at least made you think about something that you can do to support the people around you on a daily bases!


2 comments so far

  1. Zachary Miley on

    I think too often we get bogged down by the overbearing burden of a supposed ministry that we don’t take the time to do the ministries we are able to do. Good points and a great reminder to serve where we are

  2. mattsmart11 on

    That’s a good thought… don’t let your ministries keep you from ministering.
    Thanks Zach

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