Messy Prayer Journal?

I have tried countless times to try to organize my prayer journal to better keep track of requests. I have tried organizing it by: topics, days of the week, importance, and immediacy of event. Yet, no matter what I try, I get disorganized and end up starting over with a blank journal.

I have found a new and foolproof way to organize my journal. I never lose any requests and it is very simple to set up… What is this system I use?

I don’t organize it at all.

     Or, at least nothing worth calling a system. The best way to organize your journal is to have a single continuous list of requests in the front of the journal. When a request is answered you simply cross it out and write the God’s answer in the back of the journal, where there is a backwards continuous list of praises.

I believe that this is the most efficient way to “organize” your journal for several reasons.

Spend more time praying than organizing.

A prayer journal is supposed to help your prayers not distract you from them.

It’s easy to write new requests in.

There is no more frustration trying to figure out what category a new request is under. Just pop your book open to the end of your list and plug in your new request.

No decisions about what to pray about.

I have heard of people trying to pray topically based on what day it is. They pray for pastors on Sunday, family on Monday, and politicians on Friday or something like that.  If you don’t worry about organizing your journal there is no more deciding whether a certain request should be prayed for Monday, Friday, or Sunday. You just open your journal and see which requests God leads you to pray for that day.

It’s easy to see the work of God.

One of the primary reasons for a prayer journal is to help you remember how God has worked through your prayers in the past. With this style you will eventually see numerous crossed out requests, some of which you have been praying for a long time. Then, if you want to remember the details of God’s answer you can turn to the back and read a personal diary about the works of God.

I hope that some of you that read this will give it a try. It really helped my prayer life and I hope it does the same to yours.


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