I Might be a Glutton


I might be a glutton.

Not words you might expect to come from a guy who is 6 foot 135 lbs. Even though my body seems fit I am no less prone to the sin of gluttony than any contender on “The Biggest Loser.”

C.S. Lewis makes the point in “The Skrewtape letters” that gluttony is not simply the sin of overeating. Rather, it is the sin of idolizing your food. Any way of abusing food is a  form of gluttony. There are many ways to do this, some of which include.

  • Over Eaters

Instead of finding comfort in the Lord during stressful times, some gluttons turn to food. Others simply do not want to control their appetite.

  • Picky Eaters

Many picky people are not thankful for what they have.  Overly picky eaters can develop a sense of entitlement, meaning that they think they deserve “the best.” They will only eat what pleases them the most.

  • Indulgers

Slightly different than an over eater, an indulger is one who eats whatever they want, when they want it. These people might be described as having a “sweet tooth.” They may not eat to the point of obesity, but they allow themselves to be controlled by their desires rather than what is good for them.

  • Under Eaters

Although it seems odd, those who involve themselves in what is commonly known as eating “disorders” are gluttons. They are irresponsible with their body and their food. Under eaters usually enjoy the control they think they have over the joy they could have by allowing themselves to be controlled by God.

Take a second and think about other ways that people allow food to become their idol.


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