Free Resources

Helpful free resources/tools I use all the time. You should Google them and see if they can be a help to you.

This is a team productivity site, that works almost like a social media site for those who are working on a project in a group. You can comment, post, and link various thing on your project page in order to work on projects without having to have the hassle of physically meeting or emailing back and forth.
2.    E sword
A free electronic Bible you can freely download onto your computer.

3.    Sermon
Download and listen to thousands of sermons, including well-known speakers. Sermon Audio also has an app for the iPod and iPad.

4.    Ministry
Filled with many really good articles about ministry in general.

5.    Christian
Every month Christian audio has a different free downloadable audiobook as well as several free audio books and sermons.


Great site for anyone who wants to read short articles on answering some of today’s toughest questions.

7. Vyrso

If you have a free logos account you  may download the free books that vyrso periodically offers.


This is a really practical blog that I follow by Eric McKiddie.

9. Cold Turkey

This is a productivity tool that I have just started using that will block different sites (such as social media or any other kind of site) for a period of time to keep you from getting sidetracked.

10. Gospel E

This is another site that finds books for free or really cheap for your kindle or other e reader.


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